Modern data mining and big data analysis environment. The multifunctional interface facilitates process and group work management. This flexible solution allows any already collected data to be used and predictive analyses to be easily integrated with the organization's business processes. A wide range of prediction algorithms, including data science and machine learning, is available to solve complex problems. Built-in Python integration further enhances the range of possibilities.


Open data mining, big data and data science environment

Several tens of IBM SPSS algorithms are available together with fully integrated R, Python, Spark technologies. This means access to artificial intelligence technology within one interface that does not require coding. R and Python extensions also allow text data to be effectively processed, to build service-based systems, or use external graphic engines.

Analyses in the hands of users

The solution makes cooperation between users easier. It allows procedures and other analytical resources to be safely stored. It has a "one-click" option for activating scoring and other analytical processes, also by business users.

Easy management of analytical processes

Built-in functionalities allow for extensive management of analytical processes - from creating a structure, to granting privileges and blocking edits, group work, to process control.

Saves time on process handling

Modern process automation does not only include prediction model training, but also extended types of automatic triggers, completion status notifications, and launch history logging.

Flexible solution

The architecture of the solution allows for flexible adaptation to the requirements of the organization and integration of predictive analyses within business processes and internal systems.

Real time solution

Distribution and implementation of results, evaluations, or recommendations recorded in databases can be carried out in real time through operating systems.

Comfortable start

We use technologies that are widely available at the best universities worldwide. Users receive access to the Predictive Solutions and IBM resource library. They obtain assistance from analysts with the longest working experience e.g. in IBM SPSS technologies in Poland – also in the form of training.

For whom?

CRM Campaign Specialist
Data scientist

Conducting analyses aimed at selecting customers with high propensity to end the cooperation.

The investigation of customer behavior, symptoms increasing the risk of their departure and building analytical models in order to e.g. extract the rules of behavior leading to termination of cooperation, conducted in the PS CLEMENTINE PRO tool, allows selection of customers with a high propensity to terminate cooperation, and thus a campaign dedicated to those customers can be conducted.

Data operation
and data quality specialist

Automatic and continuous monitoring of data quality, verification of data increments and reporting of results.

Data quality control is an indispensable element of all processes related to data analysis and processing. Data quality should be checked before any data-driven decision-making process. PS CLEMENTINE PRO supports processes related to data integration, monitoring and improvement of data quality as well as automation of these tasks.

BI Data specialist

Construction and automatic supply of analytical Data Marts supporting optimization of work.

PS CLEMENTINE PRO supports processes related to integration and processing of data from various sources. It is perfect for building analytically dedicated Data Marts and ETL operations for their supply. With built-in automation, cyclical supplies can be planned and carried out at the most convenient time. PS CLEMENTINE PRO can also be used to perform advanced analyses based on the created Data Marts.

CRM Analyst

Increasing the business value of customers by building cross-selling sales strategies.

In marketing activities, it is important not only to acquire new customers, but also to build individual, lasting relationships with existing customers and maximize profit from those relationships. Customer value can be increased through cross-selling campaigns. PS CLEMENTINE PRO solution is available to build predictive models integrated with the system, providing the best recommendations for products or services dedicated to specific customers.

Offered functions

Broad possibilities to analyze data and build AI based systems

A powerful analytical engine included in the solution, IBM SPSS Modeler, has tremendous possibilities and a broad spectrum of algorithms. The user can access tools and techniques supporting the process of acquiring data from various sources, allowing instant management of their quality and transformation. In addition, PS CLEMENTINE Pack includes new procedures significantly facilitating work with data and embedded analytical engine integration with the repository.

Facilitated control of processes and their reliability

PS CLEMENTINE PRO is one of few data science environments utilizing the concept of graphic data flow design, making particular operations visible, ordered in a logical chain, ensuring that the whole processing is easily controlled. Any errors in designing procedures can be easily spotted.

Data integration from several sources at the same time

Connecting data from a database or csv file has never been simpler. The operations of data collection from SQL database tables and views and other analytical environments are possible within "the same picture". With PS CLEMENTINE PRO PACK, now data can also be collected from an external database by sending a SOAP request to it.

Extended cooperation with databases – SQL Pushback

SQL Pushback is a trusted database cooperation technology that saves a lot of time when the analyst needs it the most. PS CLEMENTINE PRO will rewrite complex data transformation operations into SQL code for us, and the database will perform these operations. The user focuses on data exploration and does not have to check the query syntax at the same time.

Real-time in practice

Fluid flow of information in contemporary information systems is demanded by the need to promptly respond to events. The built systems e.g. anti-fraud based on PS CLEMENTINE PRO and real-time technologies prove that this can be done effectively and on a large scale. This direction is followed by both large and small PSCP users.

Acquiring knowledge through modelling

A broad range of configurable algorithms, statistical and data mining techniques allows knowledge to be combined from data as well as business and expert knowledge as part of interactive modeling. PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a system that combines advanced modeling techniques based on statistical procedures and artificial intelligence in one environment. PS CLEMENTINE PRO offers several tens of supervised learning techniques supporting the development of data scoring in a full spectrum of applications and industries, from marketing campaigns to fraud detection, in banking, FMCG, insurance, debt recovery or health care.

Automatic scoring models

The choice of the modeling technique is not always easy, even for experts in this field. PS CLEMENTINE PRO has special tools for getting orientation at an early stage of building the model which techniques will prove better under specific conditions. The use of automatic modeling nodes shortens the time needed to build prototype models and supports the MVP concept known from agile project implementation methodologies.

Deep understanding of the dependencies

A feature of PS CLEMENTINE PRO analytical algorithms are good initial settings, although they will not work equally well in every case. With extensive visual interfaces, the user can supervise the model based on their own business knowledge.

Interactive work with algorithms

The interactive modeling option is also available, ensuring that analytical and business knowledge may blend together resulting in a solution that matches specific business use conditions. For example, as a user you can control the tree growing process, testing hypothesis about the dependencies – those that seem right as well as those that are difficult to agree with.   

Automatic data preparation

PS CLEMENTINE PRO has algorithms to help understand and correct the data in order to use them optimally in modeling. Instead of thinking which transformation to use, you can see its effect right away and assess the impact on your target model. Your consent is sufficient for the system to use the transformed data to build the final model.

Cooperation with R and Python

PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a leader in integration with external analytical environments. Extension nodes allow libraries to be used and you can create your own procedures based on R and Python language (Spark). Script implementation is easily achieved by dragging and dropping your creation to your own node interface adjusted to the script requirements so that everybody can use it. Examples of such tools are in the "Extension Center" and can be downloaded directly to PS CLEMENTINE PRO.

Management of the analytical process

PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a tool adapted to the requirements of CRISP-DM  - a verified data mining project methodology. It offers a clear and transparent presentation of the analysis process and its documentation.

Group work and team management

With its built-in analytical repository, PS CLEMENTINE PRO allows for centralized management of analytical processes. It has functionalities allowing for diverse user-based access to resources depending on the role served and the competences. This solution structures and streamlines work in an excellent manner, in terms of organizing, storing and sharing analytical content.

Process automation - flexible task scheduling

PS CLEMENTINE PRO allows processes to be automatically executed according to a pre-defined schedule. Non-standard schedule setting functions include process launch on specific days e.g. on the last Wednesday of a month, on the indicated days in a week, e.g. Monday and Friday or every third day.

Process automation – file-initiated triggers

PS CLEMENTINE PRO allows the user to launch data processing processes also on request, e.g. when a file with defined parameters becomes available in a given location. This improves data filling of analytical repositories, as they must usually wait with the launch of their feeding processes until the central warehouse feeding processes are completed. With PS CLEMENTINE PRO you will easily create asynchronous feeding processes.

Process automation – query-initiated triggers

PS CLEMENTINE PRO also offers the possibility to launch data processing and scoring tasks in reply to a web service message, e.g. when the customer's data must be updated at the time the customer appears in a new channel. In such case, the channel sends a query for the customer's data and the listening analytical environment activates the current data collection process or scoring in order to adapt the best offer.

Process automation – control with e-mail notifications

The task completion status is communicated to the indicated recipients by a secure e-mail message sent out from the internal SMTP mail server.

Fast integration with user right management systems

PS CLEMENTINE PRO can use Active Directory service information and duplicate user hierarchy and rights settings. This option is embedded in PS CLEMENTINE PRO and does not require development.

News in version 4.0

We are constantly developing our products to make your data work even better for you.


    (IBM SPSS Modeler 18.4)

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