The comprehensive analytical and reporting solution

PS IMAGO PRO is an integrated tool for the implementation of tasks in the field of statistical data analysis, reporting, automatic data processing, or Business Intelligence. It combines the IBM SPSS Statistics analytical engine with proprietary tools for creating reports and publishing results. With this holistic approach, PS IMAGO PRO users can complete the whole process of data analysis in one friendly environment.



Data analysis standard

PS IMAGO PRO allows the user to perform both basic and advanced statistical analyses. It is an intuitive and user-friendly software, with enormous capabilities ranging from basic descriptive statistics to advanced modeling and machine learning techniques.

Extensive analytical capabilities

Apart from a set of statistical techniques, the PS IMAGO PRO user receives several dozen unique procedures that respond to the needs of analysts. They allow to significantly accelerate the process of data preparation as well as facilitate and deepen the analysis by means of visualization or predictor selection techniques.

Attractive visualization of results

Clear tables and graphs make results interpretation easy. PS IMAGO PRO contains a rich set of basic and custom charts as well as attractive visualizations. It also offers a wide range of dashboards designed specifically to support decision-making processes based on KPI implementation.

Free arrangement of the report

PS IMAGO PRO allows the user to prepare reports. The intuitive and flexible tool allows users to define the presentation format, while tables and charts can be enriched with comments. The finished document can be made available to recipients online or in the form of a classic document (docx, pdf).

Universal reporting platform

The ease of concentrating knowledge on different areas or projects in one place significantly improves decision-making processes. A part of the solution is a dedicated platform for the distribution of reports - it provides easy access to information while maintaining full control over user rights.

Safe publication of reports

Reports can be published in the cloud, without any additional IT resources involved. This ensures access to the data and current reports from anywhere in the world on an ongoing basis, with observance of the company's security policy.

Automation and task performance schedule

Efficient distribution and automatic updates of information are crucial in the effective operation of Business Intelligence solutions. All tasks from data acquisition to analysis, report preparation and publication of results can be carried out fully automatically - on request or based on a schedule.

Integrated research platform element

Survey data analysis is one of the most popular applications of statistical software packages. PS IMAGO PRO is integrated with the PS QUAESTIO PRO research platform, which extends the possibilities of controlling the process of data collection, partial analyses or building the report structure at an early stage of the research.

For whom?

Sales Manager

For me, sales report is one of the basic tools to work with. It allows me to assess the sales volume and structure as well as the work of the team, on an ongoing basis. It enables an immediate response to any negative phenomenon.

Analysis of sales results is a key way to verify the effectiveness of the Sales Department. Using the vendor thresholds, I can easily assess which regions are doing well and which require support action. Getting to know the sales structure and its dynamics enables quicker and more accurate decisions. It is important for me that with PS IMAGO PRO I have access to regularly updated and available results through our company's website.

Vice President, Retail Banking

With information on product sharing, I can create relevant product or service recommendations. A well-fitted offer has a significant impact on the satisfaction and loyalty of our Customers. Understanding consumers is the basis for making right business decisions.

Using the results of the co-possession analysis, I can determine the guidelines for sales support activities on the basis of customers' shopping baskets. The analysis indicates segments where customers have slightly different needs and require tailored actions. In the analysis results, I am additionally interested in information on ways of using the products. This is crucial knowledge for activation campaigns. As a tool, PS IMAGO PRO is my bridge to providing analytical knowledge to persons making business decisions.

Expert, quality research

The quality of services provided by our company requires constant verification and control. Due to the large number of simultaneous studies, it is crucial to coordinate projects efficiently, based on monitoring indicators.

Continuous monitoring of the most important areas of activity is the basic task of my department. Our daily practice is to carry out many research projects. To deliver current results to key individuals in the organization, I need to have access to up-to-date information about the research status and the effectiveness of my efforts to improve the Response Rate index. For example, the graph that presents the course of the research allows me to easily observe moments when the additional sending of reminders increases the number of completed interviews.

Specialist, customer satisfaction surveys

The identification of factors affecting customer satisfaction is crucial to keeping the customers. The key problem here is quick and accurate identification as well as effectiveness of the company's response to any problems found.

My report aims to periodically summarize customer loyalty based on Net Promoter Score. With this index, I can see the current situation as well as follow any changes in time. Subpages provide knowledge about customer satisfaction in particular regions and factors affecting customer satisfaction. Automatic updating and publication of results allows the user to focus on the interpretation and preparation of recommendations for coordinators of relevant departments instead of laborious data processing.

Offered functions

Analysis, reporting, distribution

PS IMAGO PRO is a comprehensive solution that can handle the entire process of data analysis and reporting. From collecting and preparing data, through analysis using advanced statistical techniques, to preparing visually attractive reports. The results can then be published in the form of a traditional document or an interactive dashboard made available through a dedicated report distribution platform.

Flexible data import

PS IMAGO PRO provides convenient access to data from various sources, such as spreadsheets, text files or databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, etc.). Allows data sets to be merged by adding observations or variables. Key variables can be used to correctly match observations in two files. Commands can be used to connect up to 50 datasets at a time.

Simple data management and organization

PS IMAGO PRO allows the organization of data to be freely changed through numerous available transformations and the aggregation function. Aggregating functions include summary statistics (mean, median, sum) and specific values (first, last, minimum, maximum). The program allows user data gaps to be defined, stores attributes, file descriptions, comments and metadata. It can also work with multiple response sets

Preparation of data for analysis

PS IMAGO PRO offers numerous tools for data quality control and management of missing values. Correctness is checked by identifying errors or unusual observations. Analysis of data gaps enables them to be excluded or replaced using various methods (including multiple imputation mechanisms). The program allows for various methods of transformation (e.g. categorization, standardization) and calculations based on algebraic actions, logical conditions or functions.

Statistical description

PS IMAGO PRO contains numerous tools dedicated to data mining. It offers a wide range of statistical description methods, such as frequency tables, cross tables, flexible user tables, OLAP cubes, statistical tests (parametric and non-parametric), variance analysis, and variable correlation studies. The user is provided with tables as well as analytical and presentation charts.

Advanced algorithms for statistical data analysis

The program offers a wide range of techniques for multidimensional statistical data analysis. Predictive procedures are available (e.g. regression models, time series), grouping procedures (e.g. cluster analysis) or classification procedures (from discriminatory analysis to decision trees). The program offers dimensional reduction techniques that allow the user to identify hidden variables, analyze correlation patterns or construct perceptual maps (factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, or correspondence analysis).

Presentation of analysis results

PS IMAGO PRO enables presentation of analysis results in the form of tables, maps and charts. When creating reports, the user has full control over the table content, appearance and description. The program includes a wide range of graphs: line, bar, pie, box, histogram, scattering plots and many more. Non-standard visualizations are worth noting, such as a contingency map, hierarchical graphs, table charts, Marimekko chart, word cloud, Sankey diagram, or dashboards.

Creation of professional analytical reports

Reports can be created in different layouts, tailored to current information and visual needs. The user can apply their own styles, backgrounds and arrangements of result objects (tables, charts, graphics) in the report. Work on preparing or modifying a report template is facilitated by intuitive wizards created for this purpose. Once a presentation scheme has been prepared, it may be used repeatedly for the purposes of subsequent publications. Easy task automation facilitates the use of PS IMAGO PRO in Business Intelligence tasks.

Dashboard mode

PS IMAGO PRO users can prepare interactive reports based on containers which analytical objects are placed in. The user can add comments, titles, descriptions, footers or subpages with detailed information to the objects. As a result, it is easy to create a simple or advanced report that meets the needs of demanding users. It can be available online or downloaded as an html document, as appropriate during business presentations.

Document mode

Reports can be prepared in the form of a traditional text document, which will contain objects placed in the dashboard mode, but supplemented with a detailed description. The system allows for free change of the mode, i.e. simultaneous work on both forms of reports. A user-friendly text editor has been made available to the user, so there is no need to use additional programs or to import content. The document can be exported to docx or pdf format.

Efficient distribution of reports

The prepared report can be easily saved to one of many formats (pdf, docx, png). The report can be downloaded by the user also as a ready website prepared in html language. The finished report can be published in the built-in PS IMAGO Portal distribution environment. Within the environment, individual reports can be shared with selected groups of recipients. Simple update ensures that the user always has access to the current version of the document through a web browser.

Editing and updating analytical objects

The program allows the user to edit objects (graphs, tables, diagrams) without having to repeat the entire statistical procedure. This is a particularly valuable opportunity in situations where the person preparing the report does not have access to the data set in which the analyses were carried out. Having only the file containing the presentation, the user can make changes to the color scheme of any graphs, edit category labels or change the layout of tables. This significantly improves the workflow and allows for the delegation of tasks.

Analytical objects management

The design module allows for efficient management of even the most complex reports consisting of multiple objects and subpages. The user has the ability to group or segregate objects, add comments to them, change objects in the report, quickly preview their contents and the ability to edit them. Thanks to the use of many functions concerning analytical objects management, the preparation of reports will not be difficult even for novice users.

Distribution and publication of reports

Prepared reports can be published in a dedicated website accessible through a web browser. The recipient can view the reports available to them from any place with online access. In addition, subscriptions informing about new report versions or updates are an important feature. If necessary, other objects and attachments may be published on the site (e.g. graphics, scans).

Access management of reports

Advanced access management functions can be used to create user groups and assign them permissions to view reports. In complex institutions, the administrator can also distinguish separate sections of the portal, which greatly facilitates the management of large groups of users. The portal allows the security policy to be shaped through password settings, a range of possible actions (roles) and additional configuration settings (language, colors).

Efficient administration of result objects

After logging into the system, the user has access to the folder structure with reports. As a result of such configuration, it is possible to manage reports intuitively based on business objectives or company structure. Built-in search engine is available to quickly find the file being looked for. Report versioning is available to return to the previous version without losing the current one.

Publication in the cloud

A safe, cloud-based option to publish reports is available within PS IMAGO PRO. This provides one place to collect analytical information relevant to the operation of the company or the organization. Every organization can build its own portal in the cloud without additional resources and extra costs.

Defining the scope of elements to be automated

Depending on the needs, it is possible to flexibly define tasks subject to automation, which may include the entire process of generating a report (from importing data to publishing the report) or only selected activities. The following stages have been distinguished in the updating process:

  • script language commands (syntax);
  • source output objects in .spv format;
  • report template;
  • ready report;
  • export of results to popular formats, i.e. PDF, HTML, etc.;
  • publication of the report.

Graphical interface for automation and scheduling of tasks

Simple tools enable automation of data analysis and reporting tasks. They can be called at the user's request or on the basis of a schedule (one-off or cyclical). It is also possible to plan the dates of starting and ending a task.

Status monitoring of the tasks being performed

The system can import the processing status of any planned tasks. This allows the user to efficiently monitor even very complex analytical procedures.

News in version 10.0

We still develop our products,
that your data will better work for you.


PS IMAGO PRO 10.0  the comprehensive analytical and reporting solution is available now! Among the new features worth mentioning are:

  • New dialog windows for all 66 Predictive Solutions menu
  • New types of visualization of results
    (Scale graph, Correlation map)
  • New procedures for data preparation
    (Split data, Split text, String count)
  • New features in IBM SPSS Statistics 29.0.2

Read more


Customer reviews

PS IMAGO PRO functionalities, such as actions on the report, global values, monotonous recoding or selection of predictors through CHAID are interesting proposals that will certainly be applied soon in the work of many analysts.


Przemysław Piotrowski, S.A.

In my opinion, PS IMAGO PRO is a long-awaited tool for IBM SPSS Statistics users. It offers the analyst the opportunity to present results in an attractive and transparent form. One of the key functionalities is report sharing through a web browser.


Łukasz Gradowski,

Makro Cash & Carry Polska S.A.

PS IMAGO PRO aims to shorten the distance between data analysis and publication of results. [...] Particular attention should be paid to the introduction of functionalities that enable modification of the report structure from the syntax level. Makes do all report more clear without the need to manually to ax unnecessary elements.


Jakub Wiatrak,

ARC Rynek i Opinia Sp. z o.o.

This tool seems to be a great solution for people managing companies or institutions, making decisions on the basis of indicators or reports provided to them on an ongoing basis.


dr Joanna Karłowska-Pik,

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

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