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The latest version of the data mining and big data analysis environment - PS CLEMENTINE PRO.

PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a modern data mining and big data analysis environment with the new analytical engine IBM SPSS Modeler 18.4. It is a flexible solution that can be readily adapted to the requirements of an organization, and easily integrates predictive analytics into business processes and systems.

Functionality improvements and enhancements

  • The ability to add and execute command line commands in a Windows environment has been introduced.
    The new functionality gives the user additional, extensive possibilities when automating or using procedures not available in PS CLEMENINE PRO. Python, Spark, SQL, R or SPSS processes can be started manually (ad hoc) or initiated automatically, according to a planned schedule or an occurring event. This provides the possibility to create and run tasks that are not PS CLEMENTINE PRO streams including:
    • Ability to integrate with other tools by creating scripts that run processes in external applications using additional statistical techniques and procedures (e.g. PS IMAGO PRO, R);
    • Management of working with files (copying, extracting, renaming, deleting, etc.);
    • Ability to automate code execution in Python, including:
      • integration with external services via APIs,
      • referencing specialised libraries,
      • working with unstructured data (JPEG, PDF and mp3);
    • Ability to optimise (accelerate) data flows by creating processes based on computing clusters - distributed processing using Spark;
    • Execution of arbitrary SQL commands and procedures.

  • The process of completing frequently performed tasks has been streamlined.
    The ability to perform tasks in a shorter time interval, e.g. one minute, has been optimised.

List of objects with the added command (CMD) object

List of objects with the added command (CMD) object.

Additional improvements

  • Enhanced security with extended password encryption.
    Working with particularly sensitive data requires special solutions. In the new version of PS CLEMENTINE PRO, a change has been made to the way passwords are encrypted. It is now based on the Blowfish algorithm.

  • The ability to switch the Python environment for extension nodes has been added.
    Users can use a self-configured Python environment. Working in the new version, they can use in extension nodes not only the Python libraries automatically installed with the programme, but also any libraries installed on their configured environment. This gives the possibility to use extension nodes that were created in older versions of the language or the PySpark environment. This is particularly important, for example, when certain functions or objects work differently in new Python libraries, which can affect the entire supported process.

  • A new interface for connection and configuration management of the Modeler Server product has been released.
    Users in the new version can change a number of setup parameters for IBM SPSS Modeler Server using the interface in the Tools menu. There is no need to make changes to entries in the configuration file. This capability is particularly useful for working with the server environment for a PS CLEMENTINE PRO client user with appropriate permissions.

  • Enhanced security, by ensuring compatibility and compatibility with Windows 11 for the client solution and Windows Server 2022 for the server-based PS CLEMENTINE PRO.

Extended list of supported software and database drivers:

  • Java 11
  • CPLEX 22.1
  • InstallAnywhere 2021 sp2
  • SPSS Data Access Pack 8.1.1
  • Netezza Performance Server 11.x
  • Cognos Analytics Connector 11.1.7
  • Amazon S3 (for reading data)
  • ClickHouse 22.3 database

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